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About Us

The Research Center

The Smart Infrastructure Hub Leipzig is one of the 12 locations of the Digital Hub Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Leipzig received the approval due to the cooperation of its growing start-up scene with established, financially strong companies as well as the integration of corresponding top research from the region. Through its activities, the hub has already encouraged several companies to relocate to Leipzig and supported numerous start-ups.

(Source: https://www.de.digital/DIGITAL/Redaktion/DE/Dossier/digital-hub-initiative.html.https://www.de-hub.de/fileadmin/content/press/Presskit/presskit_DE.pdf)

The Research Center Sustainable and Smart Infrastructure (RCI) forms the research network of the Smart Infrastructure Hub. The best minds from University of Leipzig, HTWK Leipzig and HHL use their synergies to create future-oriented Smart Infrastructure solutions. For this purpose, classic infrastructure research, digitization and artificial intelligence merge within the RCI to form a joint innovative research field. We summarize the projects and study results for you under the research focus areas Smart City, Energy and eHealth. The RCI offers its network partners from the fields of research, business and municipalities a platform to define specific future topics in the field of infrastructure research and to shape the future through joint research projects. That is why the start-up scene, the established economy, the research center and the city of Leipzig work closely together within the Smart Infrastructure Hub.

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Strategic Advisory Board

Our strategic advisory board has helped build the RCI from the start of the initiative and continues to play an integral role in its smooth function.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Bruckner
Spokesperson for RCI Director of the Institute Infrastructure and Resource Management
University of Leipzig


Prof. Dr. Markus Krabbes
Director of the Institute for Process Informatics and Control Technology
HTWK Leipzig


Prof. Dr. Alexander Lahmann
Professorship for M&A in medium-sized companies HHL


Copyright Christian Hüller / Universität Leipzig SUK

Prof. Dr. Thomas Lenk
Vice Rector for Development and Transfer University of Leipzig

Operative Team

Your operative contact persons are:


Angelika Bordt is responsible for the transfer management of the RCI. She connects you to specialized researchers of the RCI or projects with synergies to your field.


As part of SMILE, Gundula von Fintel scouts for startup potential within the research world. She also supports innovators to translate their ideas into successful startups.


Dr. Susanne Ebitsch is working at the Section Knowledge and Technology Transfer of the Department Research Services in Leipzig. She supports funding knowledge and helps new research projects get financed.